Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Story Begins

There has been one area of EVE that I have yet to explore and area is wormholes. I have been a denizen of EVE for a number of years now, from running missions in highsec through to the Alliance politics of 0.0. Wormholes offered a unique gameplay experience, an place where small gang warfare is the order of the day, where great rewards can be found at great risk to yourself.

I got myself started out by fitting out my ships for . Nothing remotely special, just a passive fit Drake to deal with C2 anomalies and sites with the Buzzard fit up to deal with scanning and hacking/analysing/salvaging. With the ships fit and in position I started scanning for sigs in lowsec systems.

My first experience with scanning was amusing to say the least, involving a lot of swearing early on, gradually moving into something more like competence after I watched a couple of videos. After finding a hole, which would usually be a C2, I would fly in with my Buzzard and make a catalogue of the sites in there. With a couple of Radar site bookmarked I headed back to the station and grabbed my Drake.

I've never really been a fan of the Drake for PvE, its lacklustre dps output always put be off, however I was not confidant about risking my Tengu in a WH just yet. I'd fit my Drake with two BCS modules instead of the usual one + SPRs and that first radar site hurt, the triple BS spawns really hit hard and I'd normally have to warp out after killing the first one to allow my shields to recharge before heading back in. With the site cleared I'd swap back to my Buzzard to hack the containers and salvage anything that I hadn't already done with my Drake.

I kept doing this for a few days, it was then that I had my first experience of the dangers of WH space. While bimbling along through my Radar site a Drake warps onto grid with me. He was about 35k away from me, and not really being fit for a fight I immediately aligned and warped back to the hole. Once out I swapped back to my Buzzard and went to investigate what was going on in the site.

As I warped back in I found two Drakes, a CovOps and a Thrasher sitting inside the completed site, along with a can called "Thanks for the Radar, LOL". I managed to find one hacking container that was about 30k away from the drake and thrasher and decided I was going to loot it. Creeping in under cloak, avoiding wrecks as I went I manage to get in range of the can, decloaked and activated my codebreaker. Luckily I got the unlock on the first try, emptied the can and warped off, leaving my thanks in local.

After this experience I decided that if I was going to do any WH exploitation I would realistically need to live inside one with a POS. Sadly my current corp (at the time), despite the best intentions just didn't have the numbers necessary to pull off what we wanted to do, especially as none of us really had any experience in the area to go on. So with heavy heart I decided to look for a new Corp to continue my wormhole adventures.

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