Monday, 11 October 2010

Run and Gun

I'm going to take a break from my posts about my older experiences to report on my experiences from yesterday.

I logged in at around 1400 EVE time, loading Ventrilo as I do so. As I'm completing my ewarp back to the POS I logged off in I'm instructed to get in something cloaky and disappear. Grabbing my falcon I warped off to a celestial and hit my cloak as soon as I was clear of the shields.

It turns out that a corp from another C5 had come into our system and were currently in the C3 linking to our hole. We had eyes on a Falcon, Sleipnir, Cerberus and Vengeance, while we had a Falcon, Rapier, Purifier, Arazu and Cheetah. We were very low on DPS, but decided to try ambushing them and picking off the Cerberus.

Things went quite badly for us. I started by jamming the Sleipnir to reduce the incoming dps substantially while we started on the Cerb, at this point I made the mistake of jamming the Cerb instead of waiting for the Falcon to appear. When the Falcon appeared on overview I hit him with my second Caldari jammer, unfortunately my jam didn't stick and I had no jammer in reserve to catch him before he got a jam on me.

With me taken out of the fight I was soon pointed and being shot at by the Sleipnir. I managed to get another jam on him later in the fight, but by that point I was on 20% armour and about to go down. Spamming warp as I went pop I managed to get my pod back to the POS and reshipped into a Cane. Sadly I wasn't the only one to die, our Rapier pilot appeared back at the POS in his pod, he too jumped in a Cane. We warped back to the hole and were able to drive the Falcon off while hammering at the sleipnir, he jumped through the the C3 along with the Cerb. We gave chase, but they were able to warp off the hole before we could get to them. We chased them to the lowsec system, but they had gone to ground. so we headed back to the C5 to regroup, the hole reducing behind us as we jumped. Our KMs

At this point we decided to try getting them with a bit more dps. Our Arazu pilot swapped out into an Abaddon, while myself and the former Rapier pilot stayed in our Canes. The enemy was still in the lowsec system, and were showing no immediate signs of coming back, after 15 or so minutes I decided to go grab a destroyer to salvage the two recon wrecks that were on the C3 hole, just as I warped out our scout calls out that they're landing on the other side of the hole, so I quickly headed back for the C3 in my Cane.

What happened next could have gone VERY badly for us. As I landed on the hole the Sleipnir and Cerberus were decloaking, we immediately started hitting the Sleipnir. Just as we locked them up their reinforcements landed on us.  A Drake, Phantasm, Sacrilege and the Falcon again. We stuck with the Sleipnir, putting him into armour and forcing him to jump back through. We immediately followed the Sleip into the C3, with the hole going crit behind us. I uncloaked as soon as I landed and was able to point the Sleipnir on the hole. With nowhere to go he was pinned there while the Abaddon and I shot him to pieces, Sadly our other Cane pilot had had to jump through earlier in the fight and so was on a celestial when we killed the Sleipnir.

The remaining enemy ships decided against coming through the crit hole and so we headed off to the lowsec for repairs. Just as we finished repairing our scout reported that they had jumped a drake through and back and had collapsed the wormhole, leaving the Falcon and Sac still on the former site of the wormhole. Deciding to take the initiative he moved his stealth bomber into range and pointed the Sac with us warping in on top of him.

I immediately pointed and webbed the Sac and started to let rip on him. Sadly in the ensuing fight we weren't able to save the Purifier, but the Sac kill was worth the trade. With our route back home gone we headed out to highsec to reship and wait for a route back in. At this point I decided to log off and make some lunch.

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