Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Finding a New Home

Following on from my first post about life in wormhole space, this post continues to chronicle my progress I've made in the last three weeks. 

Having come to the conclusion that further wormhole exploration was going to require the support of a dedicated WH corp, I set about reading the forums looking for recruitment adverts to see what wormhole corps were out there and what their aims were.

I was looking for a corp that offered a mix of both PvP and PvE, the mixture is important because, while I enjoy PvP immensely, it has to be paid for somehow. Many of the corps I found were mainly interested in PvE, which wouldn't really sate my desire to shoot stuff. After a bit of searching I found a corp that suited my aims quite nicely and popped into their recruitment channel for a chat.

Following a conversation with one of their directors I popped in an application on their forums. Later that evening I spoke to their CEO and another director, following that conversation I put in a corp application and was accepted into Black Viper Nomads.

Here the logistical fun of getting my ships into the C5, that I was now to call home, began. It is almost impossible to find your way into a given wormhole due to the statistical nightmare of finding the correct connecting systems. The procedure therefore involves someone inside the destination hole finding a decent connection out to highsec and bringing your ships in via that entrance. 

The corp asks that the first ships you bring in are a probing ship and a pvp ship, my choices for this were a Buzzard and a Hurricane. I would later bring in a Tengu for PvE and some more advanced PvP ships.

The wormhole in which I now live is a C5 with a static C3, what this means is that no matter what there will always be an available connection to a Class 3 wormhole in the system. Every time the hole collapses, either through reaching its mass limit or expiration time, a new signature will appear in the system which will be the new C3 hole. There is no guarantee which C3 system the hole will connect to and therefore no way to know what you'll find on the other side until you go for a look.

There will hopefully be one or two more posts following this to take us up to the present day, after which I will start blogging on a more regular schedule about life down the rabbit hole.

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